Sleep Studies

Sleep studies are performed under the supervision of our highly trained sleep technicians to evaluate your sleep patterns to determine the source of your sleep issues and make a diagnosis. A sleep study measures your sleep cycles and stages by recording data from your body as your sleep.

You will arrive to the lab in the evening between 7pm - 9pm and are released between 4am - 5am. You will have a private bedroom furnished with a queen size bed, smart TV, and cable. In the room, there is an infrared camera so the technologists can see you when the lights are out. The room is also equipped with an audio system so they can hear you and talk to you.

There are times when insurance does not cover the in-lab testing and in that case, you will be scheduled to come to the office to pick up a home sleep testing unit. Home testing only evaluates for sleep apnea and cannot diagnose any other sleep disorders. Home sleep testing is usually performed if no other sleep disorder symptoms or other significant medical problems are present.